They are in direct competition with bass for food, as well as therefore can deplete the meals readily available to largemouth bass. They are prolific, could spread rapidly, and can overtake a pond or lake. Killers favor various other varieties to crappie, so this is another factor crappie can overpopulate quickly. If crappies surpass the food chain, and also eat all the meals, after that growth starts to be stunted as well as their very own population begins to degrade.

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Crappie are a freshwater fish, a member of the sunfish area. They are a popular video game fish; the meat has a wonderful taste and flakey white appearance. They additionally go by the name of speckled bass, speckled perch, calico bass, white perch, paper-mouth and also sac-a-lait. There are two types of crappie, white crappie and also black crappie. The main difference is the variety of backs and also the colouring.