A fish finder rig is basically a sinker that is totally free relocating along the line that is hooked up to the line by a swivel and after that you have a grain then a snap swivel. Following is a black leader then the hook. The hook could be any dimension, but I favor # 2 circle hook. This hook is not that big, yet not also tiny either. The weight holds the bait near all-time low and the crabs will not get your bait.

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Black drum usually feed inshore at high tide and also leave when reduced trend takes place. You could find them near jetties, bridge pilings, boat docks, boat anchors, around oyster beds, bays, and also marshes. They can be at sandy bases also. You could catch them from the browse, from an anchored watercraft or trolling. When angling for black drum you could want to hesitate a few secs before setting the hook as they mouth the lure. A bunch of times when fishing the boat dock you can see them, as well as you could jig your bait in front of them. When you hook one they installed a strong battle. I have had a few big ones crack my line.