With the potential of coming to be the apotheosis of city parks, Panther Lake, of Kent WA, remains unknown and also ignored. By area, the Panther Lake community is the most multi-ethnic worldwide. We must all sign up with in a local effort. We have to develop a union of residents from our churches, synagogue, temples, mosques as well as cultural areas from throughout the Benson Passage Communities. We should tip ahead and ask for a life saving tidy up of non native lilies from Panther Lake, Kent WA. We require magnate which affect political plans to pointer up to home plate in the project to Save money Panther Lake. The Panther Lake community needs all residents to donate in the effort to conserve Panther Lake. Pupils attached to the Benson Passage, K-12 via IHL, can compile information, build timelines and also help form a plan to conserve the lake and also have a good time doing it.

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"Panther Lake will penetrate the ground in twenty years" claims Kent Mayor Suzette Cook. Exactly what a catastrophe, what a disaster. No public official or agency is ready to get to out to safeguard this precious public asset. I believe the politicians are incapable to view the breathtaking natural beauty dancing just before them. They pick as an alternative to consider monetary responsibilities. The State of Washington disposed a natural calamity package that consisted of the sensational jewel of the Benson Passage on an unwary Border Testimonial Board as well as inevitably on a District. However, there is a far more pressing problem for Panther Lake and the folks that canoe, swim, fish, play and also take a breath air.