Having wased raised in the flat lands of the south all I fished were lakes. My moms and dads had a couple acres on a lake as well as I invested my formative years angling for large-mouth bass and blue gill. My methods must have seemed primitive by lots of people's levels. I began off with a walking stick pole angling with worms after that switched to a spinning rod relying on synthetic bait. I 'd spend hrs each day standing with the lake wishing a fish would take.

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When I used up fly angling, the technique to fishing rivers merely appeared to make feeling to me, regardless of never having actually fished a river. One of the benefits of fly fishing that I have discovered is that I obtain to spend much of my time on streams instead of lakes. With rivers, I could check out the surface and also assume exactly what is going on with the framework of the river bottoms. When you combine that with basic understanding of the behaviors of trout it's pretty easy to find out where they hold but apprehending them is an additional tale. On the various other hand, in a lake, the fish can be anywhere. The entire lake is their hideout.