There are two primary "runs" when steelhead go back to the streams to generate: the summer season run and also the winter run. Some streams may have both types and others could have just one so it is a smart idea to investigate the location you plan to fish. Spawning takes place in the spring for both sorts of runs; the difference is when the fish have entered the river. Summer season run fish entered into the river as early as March (and also as late as October relying on how far up stream they need to travel) and spend a number of months in the stream just before spawning. Winter months run fish move as their name would suggest in late fall or early winter months. Since they are typically better to reproductive maturity, they are also generally larger compared to the summer season run fish.

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Steelhead are rainbow trout that hang around in the sea and afterwards return to fresh water to spawn. Rainbow trout that live the Fantastic Lakes and migrate to bordering tributaries to spawn are also called steelhead though they don't make it to the ocean. The native environment of steelhead is the coastal waters and also streams feeding to the Pacific Ocean, reaching from components of Russia to Alaska and also down the west coast of the United States, however, freshwater rainbow trout have actually been introduced across the world, on every continent except for Antarctica.