Black drum usually feed inshore at high tide and leave when low trend takes place. You could discover them near jetties, bridge pilings, boat docks, watercraft anchors, around oyster beds, bays, as well as marshes. They can be at sandy bottoms likewise. You can capture them from the browse, from an anchored boat or trolling. When fishing for black drum you might really want to wait a few seconds before establishing the hook as they mouth the bait. A great deal of times when fishing the boat dock you could view them, and also you can jig your bait in front of them. When you hook one they set up a strong fight. I have had a few huge ones destroy my line.

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Black drum can be determined by the vertical black bars on their sides. They are found from New England to the Gulf of Mexico. They have no teeth, however have some in their throat to squash oysters and also barnacles they consume. Black drum reach maturation at 4 or 5 years old and also generally swim in institutions. Their average weight is 20 to 40 extra pounds and also they can live to be Three Decade old. They prefer temperatures in the range of 53 levels F to 85 degrees F. They prefer to eat crabs, oysters, mussels, and squid, and also they are bottom feeders.