Doing the very same point again and again? Yes. Expecting a various result? Pleading for one! Professional? Most definitely. Fly angling appears to share the dubious honor of having its activities fit, oh so well, into the interpretation of insanity. The craziest aspect of this is that it appears perfectly regular to me. Possibly it's because I have actually been angling since I was 3 and I don't remember what it's like to be sane. Possibly I surround myself with similarly contaminated buddies to lessen the opportunities of exposure to reality. Perhaps I'm simply completely oblivious of my situation.

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Allow's check out the last decade of my life as well as see if I genuinely suit that mold and mildew. The amount of time have I invested standing in rivers casting to an increasing fish, or more precisely, to a spot where I assume "Hey, if I were a fish I 'd like to be stumbling around right here." Stumbling ... get it? Like the fish! Comical. Over as well as over I would certainly cast to that very same spot reasoning, "Maybe this time around the fish will decide she does not want to allow this (improperly tied) replica, that isn't the same size as all the other actual bugs that are floating by in wealth, drift by unconsumed". You view, in my mind it's all a question of presentation. My fly is brilliant! That's a given. All I have to do is put it before her nose one even more time as well as she will concern her detects. She'll understand that she's been missing out on out on a fantastic catch. As well as when (not if, but when) that does not work, I do it once more ... and also once again ... as well as once again. Ultimately I obtain irritated at the dumb fish since, OBVIOUSLY she is the one liable here and I proceed to the following opening where I proceed this process ad infinitum. It resembles Junior High around again.