In the wild, grown-up salmon will move from the sea around freshwater streams and also streams to replicate and lay their eggs. The women salmon will initially make a decision where she wants to lay her eggs, then she will utilize her tail to create a tiny anxiety. Once she is pleased with the place she will certainly lay her eggs and await a male to come feed the eggs. When the male does so, the women salmon will certainly then cover the anxiety and also create an additional depression at a different place. Those eggs will certainly after that hatch out and undergo various stages of development before they shift downstream and also become part of the ocean.

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Some trout, most notably the steelhead trout, are much more alike their salmon brethren than others because of their migratory nature. These trout will certainly invest the majority of their time in the sea prior to they decide to make the lengthy trek upstream to procreate and also lay eggs. Various other trout, such as the Lake Trout, will spend their entire lives in the freshwater lakes and also streams, never going into the sea or making difficult journeys upstream.