Panther Lake of Kent certainly fits that description yet it is not a problem for King County Parks. That accountables for the Panther Lake tidy up? I'm aged, yet if we do not act quickly I will certainly live to see the last fingerling flap regarding in the muck contending for a determined breath of oxygen. A frightening thought for me as well as the youngsters of Kent

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Audrey ll was comic relief in Little House of Horrors, yet reality is a Harmful non native vegetation ashpyxiating our lake. King Region is devoted to Noxious Weed Avoidance. By their interpretation: Toxic weeds are non-native plants that are extremely damaging, affordable and also challenging to control or remove. Harmful weeds can damage indigenous plant as well as pet habitat, damage leisure opportunities, clog waterways, lower land worths, as well as poisonous substance people as well as animals.